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November 1 - November 5
This week we will start the American Revolution
(Period 2 GATE will first finish the Socratic Seminar)

Capture The Flag (American Revolution Simulation)
We will be completing the pages in the Interactive Notebook for Lesson 7: The American Revolution / Sections: 1-7
More Information will be added daily to Google Classroom

October 11 to October 15

This Week:  Test on the Road to Revolution will be on Friday
Please use your timeline and the studyguide to study for this test

This week we will learn a old (1970's) song on the Revolution and watch the iconic Hollywood motion picture (as well as read excerpts from the novel) :  Johnny Tremain

Further Instructions and Due Dates will be on the whiteboard in class







Homework Due Friday, October 7: "Stepping Stones to the American Revolution-Timeline"

We will now begin the countdown to the

American Revolution

We will spend class time and time outside of class working on this:
"Countdown to the Revolution TIMELINE"

We will Use TCI Textbook, Lesson 5
(you can find the text in 'Clever')

We will also use Mr. Saindon's Website:

1. go to the website and tap "Stepping Stones to War" in the menu bar

2. Then , scroll down until you see the two :Step-by-step to the Revolution  videos

3. Using the TCI Text and the two videos on Mr. Saindon's website: Fill out an illustrated timeline




  • *** A Piece of Construction Paper ( tape two or three pieces of binder paper together)

  • ***Colored pencils

  • ***A ruler

  • ***My Website: Go to menu bar and click on "Stepping Stones" ...then scroll down until you see the videos on "Countdown to the Revolution"

  • ***Text book in clever / Unit 5

  • ***Watch video to  get ideas

  • ***Be sure to include all the events (listed below) in your time line.

This Week We Will Will wrap-up:
What is History?
(Lecture and Notes)

Why is the Study of History Important?

The famous .....


the Not So Famous...


This Week We Will Also Find Out Why Europe went Exploring:






We will also cover: The First People

What was life like across the American continent for the American Indian before the arrival of Columbus?​
What were the consequences of contact?


Poster Project:
The Columbian

see Google Classroom

Columbian Exchange

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