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Washington DC & New York City   
April 11 to April 17
Tour 2025

Hello Washington DC and New York City Travelers! 


The impact of this trip and the experiences your child will have on this journey will:


Open their eyes to the world


Provide a point of    reference for all future learnings


Give meaning and context to the happenings here in our own country and throughout the world.



Research-Study After Research-Study


The Positive Affects Of

Student Travel: 


Student-travel provides a wonderful experience strengthening the  

knowledge base and critical thinking skills in so many areas


Student-travel develops self-esteem and a sense of personal responsibility


Student-travel creates a resolve and commitment to life-long learning


The Itinerary

Download and print the Itinerary.  Conduct your own research on a few of the sites that we will be visiting.  Check out the hotels and restaurants.  We will be out the door every morning between 6:30am and 7:30am and back, for good night's sleep in our hotel between 9:00pm and 10:00pm. 


What to Pack?

In a world in which “glamping” is an accepted form of outdoor recreation, it’s no surprise that we tend to overpack.  We want to be sure we have all the necessary creature comforts in the event of an apocalypse.  However, when packing for a student trip, we need to be a bit more discerning.  Chances are good that space is limited so we need to make the most of what we bring. Below is a handy guide to use when packing for a student trip…
Go to your School Tours of America portal and click on the button: Resources to learn more about the sites we will be visiting.  Much more valuable information can be found here
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