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Agenda for August

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Week of August 21 to August 25:

This week we will wrap up our discussion on "What is History?"

and move on to

the Age of Exploration


Due Wednesday:  One beautiful paragraph (directions will be explained in class)


Due Friday: Age of Exploration poster/display chart / bulletin board (project will be explained and examples will be shown in class)


Week  August 16-18

What is History?

Over the next three days students will be able to:

 1.  List & Explain 5 reasons why history is important.

2. Write a timeline to include important names and events to be covered this year.

3.  cite & explain how history breaks down the walls of racism and ignorance

4.  Discuss and decipher Primary and Secondary sources

5.  Write a one page reflection on how history has shaped the around 'me'.

6.  Understand & Empathize with our past relatives who struggled, fought, and sacrificed...


Week of August 28 to September 1

 This week:  The First Americans / Columbian Exchange

Bulletin Board Poster Project Due Friday

See Google Classroom for videos to watch

We will not work on this project in class on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday ....



                                                                                         Age of Exploration ‘Bulletin Board’ Project


(This will be thoroughly explained in class using examples)


This is an artistic, creative, fun, open-ended poster project.  When I say, “open-ended”, I mean you can alter, change, ‘take in a different direction’, make it ‘super’ fancy, express your creativity and artistic ability, make a lot bigger,  and/or use other supplies along with what you have been provided with.



1 or 2 pieces of construction paper

Writing/typing paper and access to printer

Information packet


Markers/colored pencils

Glue stick

Access to online research information

Access to Google Classroom


This ‘Bulletin Board’ must display the following:

  1. The Columbian Exchange and what was exchanged.  A map has been provided along with icons of goods/ideas exchanged.  You will want to cut these items out and  display them on the board.

  2. A mini-paragraph explaining the ‘First Americans’ that crossed over the Bering Land Bridge.

  3. A mini-paragraph or miscellaneous graph on Christopher Columbus.

  4. A colored coated map or graph displaying the main European powers that colonized the ‘New World’: Spain, Portugal, France, England.  

  5. Your Bulletin Board will need a title.

  6. At least 3 pics will be placed creatively on the board.

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