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The Age of Jackson

Objectives In the course of reading this lesson and participating in the classroom activity:

   √Students will describe the perspectives of various groups of people in response to Jackson and his key policies

    √ Assess the impact of Jackson’s policies on the outcome of events

   √Evaluate how well Jackson promoted democracy, citing both his positive and negative contributions

**Language Arts deliver narrative presentations that relate a clear, coherent event by using well-chosen details and employing strategies such as relevant dialogue. Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy How well did President Andrew Jackson promote democracy?


Watch: Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy VIDEO


Essential Question:

How well did President Andrew Jackson promote democracy?


Preview Students examine and compare how people reacted to the inaugurations of George Washington and Andrew Jackson. [15 min + 30 min vocabulary]

Activity In a Visual Discovery, students analyze images relating to the presidency of Andrew Jackson to assess how well he promoted democracy. They will bring two of these images to life in act-itouts. [100–150 min]


Processing Students create a commemorative plaque and a “wanted” poster to evaluate how well Andrew Jackson promoted democracy. [20 min]


Reading Further Students answer questions about the conflict over land between the Cherokee Nation and the United States. They then write a letter to the editor that protests the removal of the Cherokees. 

Monday, Feb. 27 to 

Friday, March 3

This week will be presentation week for all periods

Presentations/the finished project are worth 50 points.

Feb. 21 - Feb.24

Periods 1-3 will finish Presidential Project - See google classroom

Periods 4-7 will finish PSA project on Civil Rights and Racism - see green folder for details and Mr. Saindon's Website: Historyisnotdead > Black History Month

Agenda for the week of:

Tuesday, Feb. 14 to

Friday, Feb. 17

This week periods 1-3 will continue Presidential Campaign Poster and Movie.  See Google Classroom for details

Periods 4-7 will continue on with Black History Month, see written agenda for details

Feb. 6 to Feb 10

This week  periods 1, 2, and 3 will begin the "Running for President" Project.  Please go to google  classroom for all the details and examples.  By Friday students will need to have completed their fictional futuristic biography and notes on 2 major topics they want to use in the campaign.    

Periods 4, 5, and 7 will explore the Civil Rights Movement and the famous Supreme Court decision: Brown vs. the Board of Education (1954).  Pack must be completed by the end of the video, Ruby Bridges

This week we will Wrap up The Supreme Court and The Bill of Rights plus the videos on Trump and the Executive Branch

Please check your grades on line and make sure you have turned everything in.

We will end the week covering the 13th/14th and 15 Civil Rights Amendments and the movie: Ruby Bridges

This Week Feb. 20 - 24: 

Supreme Court Case Project

     ---refer to packet for directions and due dates

Presentations Begin on Tuesday

Parent Signatures are due before you Present

Thursday and Friday

√Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton


√Monroe Doctrine

√War of 1812

√XYZ Affair

mini poster due Friday

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