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Do You Know Your Geography???

Jay Leno hits the streets of America to find out how much kids know about the world around them.  See what he finds out!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:

This week we will learn about he world around us. 

In groups we will map-out the wold around us (by heart)

Looking at Bakersfield....then California...then,  the whole country

Students on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

             Will map out the world around them:  Bakersfield ...California...United States of America


We will then work in groups analyzing and presenting  topical information on the incredible diversity all around us in Bakersfield and in the State of California

Partners will be responsible for producing 2 maps at the end of this unit.


American Geography - This 'educational film' covers Everything you ever wanted to know about maps, regions, resources and climate in America.

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