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January 29 to February 2

This week we will Wrap up our Study of the Constitution

With a look  at the Supreme Court and The Bill of Rights.

Video notes from last week are Due - turn them in so they can be graded

Periods 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7 must turn Video Notes from the two "Mr. Saindon's Movies of the Week.

We need to Correct the Test from Last Week and collect the "foldable" on the powers of Congress. 

Mr. Saindon's Video: Federalist and Anti-Federalist Due Thursday for all classes.

GATE Class must turn in on Monday:  "Supreme Court Case that Rocked the Nation"

mini project.

Jan. 30  to   Feb.   3

This week ------- Please refer to the written Agenda for Homework

January 23-27

Please be sure to get in Last week's assignments (points will be taken away for late homework.  Those that need to take the Constitution Exam, please see Mr. Saindon.

              This week we will start the discussion on:

                 The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist

Watch Mr. Saindon's exciting Hollywood video on the topic and write 6 very nice and developed summary sentences for each side of the argument .  Stop the video when you need to and take your time.




January 9 to January 13

This week we will wrap up the Study Of The Three Branches of Government.

In Class on:



and Wednesday

we will complete our Chart of the Three Branches of Government and we will begin to work on or culminating Project/Assessment on Thursday and Friday.

Do a good job on the Chart (50 Points) do by Friday

Culminating Project Due Wed. next week (100 Points)


January 22 to January 26  

This week we continue the study of the Constitution of the United States

Monday and Tuesday

Article I:  The Legislative Branch (Congress)

Tuesday through Friday we will Study:

 Article II:  The Executive Branch (President)

Article III:  The Judicial Branch (Supreme Court)

Constitution Test #2 Friday

This test will cover the basic powers of each branch enumerated in the Constitution (25 questions)

Questions will cover:

            Enumerated Powers of Congress

            Sole Powers of Each House

            Responsibilities  of the President

           Roles of the President

           Role of the Cabinet

          Appellate Jurisdiction and Original Jurisdiction  

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