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November 27  to  December 1

This week we will move on to the Unit on the Constitution

Monday we will take a look at George Washington

         1.   Mini-Groups will present 5 interesting/fascinating facts on George Washington using pages 134 to 137 in the text.  

        2.  GATE will complete presentation/skit on George vs. George

         3.  Binder clean out and organization

Project for this week:  The Articles of Confederation

   In this Unit we look at what happened under the new government (the Articles of Confederation Government) and why we needed a new and more powerful government.  Something happened in this country after the revolution was over....Shays' Rebellion...this event was really disturbing....the framers were really shook up

In Class and outside of class students will examin Shays' Rebellion and answer the question:  Why is a new government needed?

Go to Videos and Activities to complete assignments  


      This week is election week so be sure to watch the election on Tuesday, November 8.  In the Afternoon and Evening the election results will start coming in (state by state) the news Tuesday night ---and we should know who the winner is.

         Due Wednesday:  Electoral College Map

Follow the directions.  You may choose any three colors you want ...just be consistent.  Be sure to make note of those swing states that put the winner over the top.  Please see agenda for details (50 points).

       Due Friday:  Cleaning out binder and Collecting all notes/video notes/handouts on Friday.

November 14 to November 18

This week we learn all about ho the Framers resolved the conflict over representation in Congress.

                  The big states felt like they should have more power because they are bigger and have more people

                   The small states did not want to always 'out-voted' and trampled by the big states, they wanted all the states to be equal

By the end of this week, I will be able to explain why the states argued about representation in Congress.


  1. We the People Lesson 13:

    1. Read pages 113-114, 116-117, and 119

    2. Answer questions #1-4 from the Lesson Review on page 120

November 28 to December 2

This week we will continue the study of the Constitutional Convention

Please look at the Google Classroom Site to see:



Lesson 14(Due Wed.) 


 "Congratulatory Letter " to President-elect Donald J. Trump (Due Wed)

November 6 to November 10

This week we will wrap up the American Revolution

Monday and Tuesday we will conduct the Revolutionary War \ Capture the Flag Simulation

Homework Due Wednesday: Chapter 7 reading notes ... we will correct them in class on Wed.

We will walk through the Interactive Notebook Chapter 7 together as a class on Wed. and Thurs.

On Wednesday, GATE students will begin Oral Language Presentations: George vs. George.  Students will perform on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday of this week .  Refer to notes given in class.  Partners will be responsible for working together during lunch/before school/after school/week-end -  if need get this project completed.  Students will be expected to approach this assignment with their own ideas and with the freedom to be original and creative. You have 10 days to prepare your performance Absolutely NO excuses will be accepted for failure to complete.



Thursday and Friday in class: American Revolution Podcasts...we will finish as much as we can in class ... but, ALL students will need to work on it at home in order to turn it in on Friday. Late work will not be accepted

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