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                                                         October 30 to November 3


Wrap up Socratic Seminar


Clean out binder / Organize Notes

Watch Sign of the Beaver 

GATE - finish Johnny Tremain


Start the American Revolution

October 2 to October 6

In Class:  We will start "Toward Independence"' Lesson 5.  We will start this in class and student will need to finish The Interactive Notebook (Lesson 5) at home by Wednesday. You will use the online text at home ....remember,  you will need to know my email address:

We will Log onto EdPuzzle in order complete video assignment. 


Students will need to finish any part of Lesson 5 in their Interactive Notebook that they were unable to finish in class.


All students will be assigned a Video to watch in EDPuzzle.  This video is a quick "countdown" to the American Revolution.  They will need to go to the Ed Puzzle site and watch the video and answer online.  They will have until Tuesday to complete.  I will grade these on Wednesday. So pick a a day and sit down and pay close attention to this Video on the steps that led up to the American Revolution.

GATE Classes will be given a colonial play to read Monday night.  Students in period 2 will need to read it thoroughly and be prepare to play any role  by  Thursday .  They will need to complete the "The Background Information Sheet" and the "Points for Discussion and Debate".  

GATE Students will be assessed on Friday and Monday on their familiarity with the topic; their grasp of the importance of the idea central to the play;  and, their understanding of the importance of people like this in our country then and now. I encourage students to discuss this play and topic with a family member at home for while the topic is controversial to many (for various reasons) , the framers saw "separation of church and state" central to a healthy democracy. 

October 17 to October 21

Monday -Friday

Test Re-Takes!!!!!!!!!! Monday and Tuesday

Wrap up the Revolutionary War

Complete Me. Zoeller's Videos

Due Friday

October 24  to  October 28

This week we will:

1.  finish reading Lesson 11:  Articles of Confederation and Shays' Rebellion ....DUE WED.

2. Complete Articles of Confederation video and worksheet (Video in Google Classroom) 

3. Presidential Survey, Oral History Interview...Due Friday

4.  Patriot Pen Essay Contest (please read over the informational handout): Topic:  "The America I Believe In"  This will be a 300-400 word essay (not more than 2 pages) Due Friday

October 9 to Friday the 13th

Unit 1 Test Review Monday and Tuesday

Chapter 5 in the Interactive Notebook is Due Now

Unit 1 - 1st Quarter

Test Thursday

GATE Class must be prepared to propose, answer, and discuss questions regarding the Play on Thursday and Friday

Due Friday: All Classes Must Know the Following Quote:

October 23 to October 27

This Week We Will Continue   

The Declaration of Independence

Chapter 6

Monday Correct Chapter 6 With Periods 1,3,4,5 and 7

Period 2: Special Readings 

All Classes Prepare for Socratic Seminar:

Analyze all three parts to The Declaration of Independence.

Compose 10 questions to discuss at the seminar

Go to the Page: Videos and Activities and scroll down to: "The Declaration of Independence" and hit the red button for tasks to complete in preparation for the Socratic Seminar

Thursday and Friday:  Socratic Seminar









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