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Agenda For September

The Week of September 25  to  September 29

All classes will be responsible for wrapping up the Unit on Colonial America.  Interactive Notebook  (Lesson 3 pages) Due Tuesday at the start of class.

All students will be assigned a Video to watch in EDPuzzle.  This video is a quick "countdown" to the American Revolution.  They will need to go to the Ed Puzzle site and watch the video and answer online.  They will have until Tuesday to complete.  I will grade these on Wednesday. So pick a a day and sit down and pay close attention to this Video on the steps that led up to the American Revolution.

All Students will watch the famous movie, Johnny Tremain on Thursday and Friday

GATE Classes will be given a colonial play to read Monday night.  Students in period 2 will need to read it thoroughly and be prepare to play any role  by  Wednesday .  They will need to complete the "The Background Information Sheet" and the "Points for Discussion and Debate".  

GATE Students will be assessed on Friday and Monday on their familiarity with the topic; their grasp of the importance of the idea central to the play;  and, their understanding of the importance of people like this in our country then and now. I encourage students to discuss this play and topic with a family member at home for while the topic is controversial to many (for various reasons) , the framers saw "separation of church and state" central to a healthy democracy. 

This week we begin reading  

We the People  (we will do this in class)

Chapter 6: How did constitutional government develop in Great Britain

Students will be responsible for Watching a video and answering questions from Google classroom- Video Due Wednesday!!!!!

All of the "Reviews" that go along with  Chapter 6 will need to be completed by Friday

 This week students will be responsible for creating a skit for Chapter 6 Review/Assessment.  All will be complete buy Friday.  See Google Classroom for details.

Tap Button for Skit Instructions

This week we will wrap up our skits and move on to Lesson 7: Countdown to the American Revolution
All IN's will need to be in by Friday and Video notes for lesson 7 will be due Thursday.

Foldable Project on Lesson 7 Will be due on Friday

September 26 to September 30

This week the following assignments are due:

1.  "Countdown to the Revolution"  Foldable due Friday.

2. Watch Boston Masscre video and fill in blanks Due Tuesday.

3. Watch video on 'Continental Congress and Lexington/Concord' and turn in worksheet Due Wednesday.

September 11 to September 15

This week we will wrap up The  Jamestown Settlement and complete a Primary / Secondary Source Activity

H.W. will be announced on Tuesday...So, check back for updates.

Monday: Organize Binders/Glue in Standards and REMEMBER 9/11


Pocahontas Activity

Thanks to the Disney film, most students know the legend of Pocahontas. But is the story told in the 1995 movie accurate? In this lesson, students use evidence to explore whether Pocahontas actually saved John Smith’s life and practice the ability to source, corroborate, and contextualize historical documents.

Students will work in groups analyzing Primary  Sources and investigating this famous chapter in or history




4 Day Week

Monday- Labor Day

Tuesday, September 5

to Friday, September 8

This week we will wrap up our discussion on The Age of Exploration 

Tree Activities for this week to be started in class and completed ar home:

1. Geography Challenge

2.  Geographical Regions Pod-Cast

3. Jamestown Podcast


September 18 to September 22

This week we will complete Lesson 3: 

The English Colonies in North America


The Interactive Notenook is due (totally completed) on Wednesday.

We will then take a look at the Roots of Colonial Government.

Please see the updated Student Agenda 

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