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Washington DC / New York City T-Shirts

Price List 2015

When we travel to and from our destination, we will all be wearing red

Over the years this has become a Freedom Tradition --It is who we are! 

Setting tradition aside, we do it for group safety reasons.  As we travel in one large  group and in small chaperone groups through international airports it makes it safe and easy for us all to stay together and easily identyfy each other as a group.    If someone gets turned around or lost,  they simply need to look for the 'sea' of red.  if we have to round everyone up because we are boarding early or changing boarding gates, etc., chaperones will need to collect their students quickly.   In all the hustle and bustle that can come from making our way through the obstcles that airports present,  our red has saved us a few times.  You are not required to buy a Washington DC/NYC t-shirt and sweat shirt - Any red t-shirt and sweatshirt will do.  


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