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Toward Independence:

Stepping Stones To War


"Things start heating up........."

  • The essential question for this unit of study on Colonial America and the American Revolution is “How did the development of the colonies lead to rebellion?”

  • The focus questions is, “What sequence of events led to the colonies declaring independence from Great Britain?

  • If you were living in the American Colonies, would you have been a Loyalist or a Patriot. Explain yourself.

  • How did the Colonists feel and what were they thinking?

  • Pretend you are living in the Colonies in the 1770’s, why are you a Loyalist or a Patriot. What are ‘going through?

  • Content Vocabulary: plantation,  indentured servant,  triangular trade,  authority,  mercantilism,  patriot , loyalist , factors,  strategy, boycott, tyranny,  propaganda , unalienable , charter, militia, tariff,  tax

  • Why did "No Taxation Without Representation" become the battle cry of the American Colonists?

Interactive Notebook: Toward Independence

Chapter 5 Homework

PowerPoint Presentation:  Countdown to the American Revolution

Click on the map above for PowerPoint Presentation on French and Indian War

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Documentary on the

French and Indian War

Video Notes on the

French and Indian War

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          Group Activity Instructions

Check out teacher Tom Richey talk about all the events that led up to the

American Revolution

Step-by Step to the American Revolution

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