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California Department of Education/VFW:

California State Teacher of the Year Award



What an incredible honor to have traveled with my family up to the California State Capital in Sacramento to receive this award.  It was an exciting experience that I will always draw strength and power from.  To be commended and given ovation for teaching kids what I love and for following my passion is ...oh so incredible.


Thank you to the California Department of Education and the state and local VFW, the Rosedale District and my friends and colleagues for the pat on the back- with a special thank you to Gina, Valerie, Betsy, Rosanne, Chuck and Michael - for teaching me to be a better teacher everyday; and, thanks for keeping me out of trouble (and/or dragging you into it) - sometimes.


To my Mom and Dad --fearless warriors, selfless servants, unwavering unionists,  standing up for public education for 80 years collectively -- I am eternally indebted - you are my heroes and my inspiration each and every moment both in and out of the classroom.


To Susie, Ally and JPjr - thanks for putting up with your "History Teacher" husband/dad. I know it can be a bit overbearing at times.

JP jr., Marilyn (Mom), Me, Susie (Wife)

The "Education Governor"

working the crowd as always!

 Dynamic and Intrepid Through the Decades!

Making California Great Again!

Our local leader and hero:

Deborah Johnson

My 1 minute and 3 seconds of fame

Thank you to Dr. John Mendiburu and the Rosedale School Board

JP jr. and Mom

The Gift that Kept on Giving:  a total of 3 local Kern County ceremonies/celebrations

The Greatest State in the Union

California Here We Come

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