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Europe "Discovers" the

"New World"









Interactive Notebook Chapter 2

Native Americans before European Colonization

Powerpoint: The Age of Exploration

Download Columbus Reading

Age of Exploration: The Spanish

Watch this thrilling Hollywood Blockbuster and Write 10 facts on a separate piece of paper. Pay special attention to the impact the Spanish had on the Native Americans.   You will here what three professors (2 from U.C.Davis and 1 from New York University) have to say about Columbus.

Columbus on Trial.....  What do you think?

Download and then copy or print this map activity.  Follow the instructions on the map.  You will need at least 6 different colored pencils or markers to complete this assignment.

Master History Teacher Michael Zoeller (of Freedom Middle School)  explains to us all there is to know about the first permanent English colony at  Jamestown

The Economics of Jamestown

The Story of the Sea Venture

Tobacco Economy - Jamestown

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