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What is History?

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"Discover History Questions" 

What's the big deal about History ??????????

Essential Questions:
What is History?
Why do we study History?
What is the job of the Historian?

Over the next two weeks, students will be able to:
 1.  List & Explain 5 reasons why history is important.

2. Design a Bridge Map to include important names and events and concepts this year.

3.  Evaluate how history breaks down the walls of racism and ignorance

4.  Discuss and decipher Primary and Secondary sources

5.  Realize how has history shaped the world around me?

6.  Understand & Empathize with our past relatives who struggled, fought, and sacrificed...

Academic Vocabulary
primary source and secondary source
Bridge Map
Sequencing Map
struggle and hardship
racism and discrimination
historical context
"The Old World" vs. "The New World"


United States History in 10 Minutes by Randy King

United States History in 10 Minutes with Keith Green

America's Immigration History

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