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April 23 to April 27

This week we will wrap-up our primary source investigation on those events leading up to the start of the Civil War.  

Please refer to your notes for directions.

Your Google Slide Presentation should answer the question:  

How did ......(fill in your topic).....start the Civil War?

Group and individual grade will be given

April 16 to April 20

Each day this week we will watch a 10 minute video on one of the events leading up to the Civil War.  While watching the video, you will answer questions on a worksheet.  Make sure all 3 are completed.  If you mis one please come in at lunch and complete.

Please keep all of You Civil War lecture notes in perfect order.  These will be turned in for a grade next week.

April 9 to April 13

This is a busy Week!!!!  There will be no late home work accepted!!!!

Wednesday at the Start of Class, you must turn in your answer responses to the atlantic Slave Trade video found in EdPuzzle.  This will be part 1 of the test.

We will have a TEST on Slavery on Wednesday.

On Friday The Interactive Notebook will be due- Chapter 19: the Two Worlds of North and south:  All eight spoke diagrams must be filled out in detail with color

This Week we will watch the video: The Atlantic Slave Trade and fill in the responses.

6 groups will be expected to present to the class a lesson on Slavery in the  America:

Group 1:  Economics of Slavery

Group 2:  Working Conditions of Slaves

Group 3:  Controlling Slaves

Group 4:  Resistance to Slavery

Group 5:  Slave Churches

Group 6:  Play/Skit: Slaves  Arrive in Jamestown 1619  

This will be an individual grade and a group grade

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