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PSA: What to Do...

This is Your Project:

With this project, you will analyze tactics used to combat racism to design and deliver effective PSA messages.  

Take at least three days and explore what other kids and schools are doing to fight racism.  Google and explore website-after-website and then take the time to read through them to see if  any of the information is useful.

Then apply what you learn from numerous sources  to create your own PSA storyboards.

By Using Powtunes or Google Slides, students will work in small groups to create a creative PSA that challenges your peers to examine their own prejudices and biases and to be on guard  against it.  


PSA  Project 

PSA Criteria Checklist

  1. Is the problem of racism explored by your team and evidence presented using facts and statistics?

2. Are some of these questions answered:

-What does racism do to a person?

-Why is racism bad?

-What effect does it have on a person?

-What effects does it have in society?


3. Are strategies and ideas explained to combat racism.

4. Did you present specific steps or actions we can use to stop racism?

5. Two powerful and meaningful quotes

6.  Add one extra slide with:

One quote from Martin Luther King’s speech.

7. Add one extra slide with:

The Declaration of Independence quote: "we hold these truths to be self-evident......."

8. Strong meaningful and appropriate visuals

9. Use of vocabulary words, germane to these topics.

10. Technical  additions and specialities (music)

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