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Native Americans
What was life like across the American continent for the American Indian before the arrival of Columbus?

What is meant by the phrase "clash of cultures" between the Western European philosophy of life and the Native American Philosophy of life?

What was the Impact / Consequences of contact between the OLD world and the NEW world?

What tribes inhabited North America? How did the Native Americans adapt to the land and live for thousands of years?

What effects did the colonization and later American settlement of the west have on the American Indians?

In what ways did the American Indians resist encroachment and attack by the colonists and later the United States government?

Describe the conflicts and struggles between the Native Americans by the United States Government throughout history? 


2021 Columbian Exchange Poster/Bulletin Board Project   

Due Friday, September 3, 2021

Age of Exploration ‘Bulletin Board’ Project


(This will be thoroughly explained in class using examples) 


This is an artistic, creative, fun, open-ended poster project.  

When I say, “open-ended”.....

I mean you can alter, change, ‘take in a different direction’, make it ‘super’ fancy, express your creativity and artistic ability, make a lot bigger,  and/or use other supplies along with what you have been provided with.



1 or 2 pieces of construction paper

Writing/typing paper and access to printer

Information packet


Markers/colored pencils

Glue stick

Access to online research information

Access to Google Classroom

Columbian Exchange Videos


This ‘Bulletin Board’ must display the following:

  1. The Columbian Exchange and what was exchanged.  A map has been provided along with icons of goods/ideas exchanged.  You will want to cut these items out and  display them on the board.

  2. Three mini-paragraphs explaining some aspect of the OLD world meeting the NEW world: 

Possible topics: the impact of one item exchanged; the first Americans, one of the explorers, some aspect of technology…..etc….

  1. A colored coated map or graph displaying the main European powers that colonized the ‘New World’: Spain, Portugal, France, England.  

  2. Your Bulletin Board will need a title.

  3. At least 3 to 6 pics will be placed creatively on the board.

Alternative Columbian Exchange Poster Project 

Poster Directions:  Your project this week is to create a map poster showing the exchange of cultural and natural items between Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans.  

Step One:  Create an outline map of the Atlantic Ocean and bordering continents. 

Only use the poster paper provided

  • Use the outline map of continents, to draw / enlarge the shape of the continents on your map. You are not allowed to trace, copy or project the map.  It must be completed in “free hand” form.  

  • Sketch the outline in pencil first and use marker when you are happy with the result. 

Use the rules of map standard making

  • Shade the continents in the same color. Shade the ocean in light blue.

  • USE INK to write labels for each continent and Atlantic Ocean in CAPITAL LETTERS.  

Step Two: 
ILLUSTRATE the movement of 10 or more items that were in “exchange”.  

  • You may include arrows that indicate the movement of products to and from certain places on the earth.

  • Your artwork should be neat, attractive, and artistic.

  • You may illustrate with original art drawing, clip art, photographs, or clippings from magazines or actual labels from cans of food in your cupboard or frozen packages in your freezer. 

  • You may use the handouts provided by Mr. Saindon

  • Be sure to use color



Poster expresses an accurate, clear, and thorough description what flowed from the 'old world to the new world' and from the new world to the old world'.


Illustrations must include short supporting explanations utilizing topic study materials and handouts or what was learned in this course.

Your poster needs to be carefully assembled, display symmetry, and pop with color and creativity.  

Mr. Saindon will be in his room at lunch all week to help out and to print anything you might need.

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