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       What do I need to bring on this trip?

              PACKING LIST

*One strong suitcase that you can carry yourself with ID Tag

*One carry-on backpack 

*At least 1 form of identification (school ID is ok)

*1 pair of walking shoes

*One  semi“dress-up” outfit for New York City (comfortable shoes)

*Slippers or sandals

*Swimsuit for indoor swimming pool at hotels

*Umbrella or rain poncho (must)


*Light jacket

*Underclothes for each day

*Change of clothes for each day

*Camera/Cell Phone




*Spending Money

*Sweaters to layer with

*Raincoat, hat and gloves (if cold)

*Cell phone or calling card

*Things like playing cards, electronic devices, headphones required, etc. are ok to bring

*Small traveling pillow/blanket

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