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Slavery in the United States


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American Experience:  The Abolitionists Part I

American Experience:  The Abolitionists Part II

Activity 3. Mapping the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad developed many routes in nearly all directions. Some were more successful than others.

Using the following resources and the handout provided, detail one route of the Underground Railroad and provide information about that route, including:

  • Free and/or slave states in the route

  • Climate in each state during the winter months

  • Terrain (mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, etc.)

  • How many miles from start to finish

  • Notable cities, if applicable

In addition to using Google maps of the Underground Railroad,


students should consult the Historic Hudson's People Not Property.


This interactive website details what enslavement looked and felt like, as well as explains the consequences and trade-offs that enslaved persons constantly had to negotiate in their effort to resist oppression.

A list of Underground Railroad preserved sites in each state is provided below under Lesson Extensions.


In addition, read about the route to Mexico in South to Freedom.     

Learning Objectives

Examine the motives for and consequences of traveling the Underground Railroad.

Analyze Harriet Tubman's impact on slavery and the abolition movement.

Analyze the influence of geography and politics on maintaining the Underground Railroad. 

Evaluate Harriet Tubman's legacy in relation to abolition and within U.S. history. 

American Experience:  The Abolitionists Part III

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