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2022 Washinton DC/Williamsburg VA/Gettysburg PA

John-Paul Saindon


Hello Washington DC and New York City Travelers! 


Spring Break Will Be Here Before We Know It!!!


            In a very few short months we will be walking through the halls of power and experiencing the capital of the most powerful country in the world.  Eighth graders study the Constitution in depth - Mr.  Saindon and Mr. Zoeller are Master Teachers in this field.  You too will be young scholars prepared to take it ALL in by the time we leave!


We will learn everything there is to know about the three branches of government and then..........we will actually be walking through the rooms of the White House; the halls of Congress; and the chamber of the United States Supreme Court.  From Ford’s Theater to the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum – From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building; From Thomas Jefferson’s estate of Monticello to George Washington’s house at Mt Vernon; From Macys and Tiffanies to Rockefeller Center and Broadway….it’s time to start getting excited.


            This is an incredible opportunity that will affirm your faith in 'What It Means To Be An American' and leave you with wonderful memories that will last a life time.  Our goal is to encourage and help as many students as we can  - go on this trip.  It is not cheap; So, start preparations now to raise money. Each and every year a majority of students are able to find ways to fund this fantastic voyage. It's not easy but it is possible.  Please see Mr. Saindon or Mr. Zoeller for tips and ideas for fundraising.


The research affirms what we as teachers and parents already know:  

That sacrifice in the name of educational travel is not only worthy and good, but also, an investment that will pay dividends for years to come as your son or daughter traverses the path through high school and college. 


            The impact of this trip and the experiences your child will have onthis journey will:


    Open their eyes to the world


               Provide a point of    reference for all future learnings


      Give meaning and context to the happenings here in our own country and throughout the world.



 Research-Study After Research-Study


The Positive Affects Of

Student Travel: 


Student-travel provides a wonderful experience strengthening the  

knowledge base and critical thinking skills in so many areas


Student-travel develops self-esteem and a sense of personal responsibility


Student-travel creates a resolve and commitment to life-long learning





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