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Black History Month

By the End of this Project on the African-American Experience, Students will:

  1. Gain insight into African American history from slavery to the civil rights movement

  2. Learn about individual people who shaped history by reading their biographies and researching the age in which they lived

  3. Understand the causes and effects of the civil rights movement in America

  4. Study the history of Jazz/Spirituals music to gain awareness of the cultural contributions made by this music and the role it played in the lives of African-Americans

  5. Build nonfiction literacy skills as they read web-based articles for details and use a timeline to obtain information

  6. Apply critical thinking skills to answer questions regarding controversial events related to the civil rights movement

  7. Hone writing skills and vocabulary mastery as you develop your presentation

  8. Develop and present an oral report /PSA using Powtunes or Google Slides that includes important research points and historical facts

PSA: Goals and Objectives

In this lesson, students will analyze tactics used to combat racism to design and deliver effective PSA messages.  Then apply what they learn from numerous sources  to create their own PSA storyboards. By Using Powtunes or Google Slides, students will work in small groups to create a creative PSA that challenges their peers to examine their own prejudices and biases and to be on guard  against it.  

Students will analyze the impact of communication and messaging on behavior and plan a clear message to help prevent/ raise awareness / and combat racism.


  • Conduct research

  • Write informative/explanatory text

  • Participate in collaborative discussions

  • Create artwork to support a concept 

  • Master Google Slides or Powtune


Students will be able to:

  • Create through images, words, and explanation informative PSAs that incorporate research from multiple sources, reach the intended audience, and use various communication techniques to express a clear, accurate message that helps prevent faulty attitudes - racism -.

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