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Sectionalism: The South

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As the new American nation moved into its seventh decade of existence it faced several crisis that threatened to tear down the very foundations on which it stood.

Sectionalism plagued the land. Instead of looking at the nation as a whole, regional separatism took hold.

Southerners, westerners and northerners began to identify themselves regionally and not as Americans.

The regional differences that had served to build America now threatened to destroy it.
In this lesson you will be learning about the different sections, or regions, that made up the United States in the 1800’s. The differences between each region, especially the North and South will be one of the causes of the Civil War. As you learn about each region think about the following questions:

● What made this region different from the other two? What was unique about it?

● What would this region be concerned about? What affected them?

● What issues did they have conflicts about?

Sectionalism: The North

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