George Washington

Unit Goal:

Teach students about the life and character of George Washington to promote knowledge of their heritage and history and inspire them to become model citizens of our global society.

Big Ideas:

The following ideas will be the focus of “We’re Learning by George” activities:

  • -  The American Revolution established the first and longest continuing democratic form of government in the modern world.

  • -  Most historical scholars agree that George Washington was a great man.

  • -  George Washington was an integral part of the American Revolution and the

establishment of our democracy.

  • -  Great men and women make great citizens.

  • -  Greatness in men and women can come from studying and emulating greatness from those who have come before us.

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”
--President George Washington, who died December 14, 1799

PowerPoint on George Washington

Name________________                                                                 Period: ___

George Washington: The Man Who Wouldn’t be King

  1. Briefly recount Washington’s childhood experiences.






  1. Discuss Washington’s early military experiences in the French and Indian War.




  1. Explain the colonists’ grievances that led to the Revolutionary War and tell how Washington’s leadership helped win the war.




  1. Tell at least 5 accomplishments of Washington’s Presidency:



      5.  The most interesting thing I learned:





      6.  If I could meet George Washington, the one thing I would like to ask him is...





      7.  The advice I would have given George Washington is....






      8.  The thing I liked best about George Washington is ...








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